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6th Annual Mt. Rainier Run
September, 21st - 2013, 9:00AM
Mt. Rainier, WA

Toyota Syndicate Northwest is headed back to Mt Rainier for the sixth consecutive year! You'll definitely enjoy the curves and switchbacks the mountain has to offer going up and back down long as there are no slowpokes in front of the pack ;) .

On the 21st, we will be starting out early to enjoy a great breakfast at Dixie's Home Cookin' in Sumner at 9AM. Afterwards, a quick fuel fill up at Fred Meyer and then the awaited journey up the mountain.

Dress appropriately for Mt. Rainier. One year we had quite the amount of snow on the ground and the next very minimal to none.

Entrance fee to Mt. Rainier National Park is $15.00 USD (credit, cash or National Parks Pass accepted).

We've got 25 people coming out for sure, and another 20 maybes. If your planning to come out let us know. Especially if you're planning to join either the northend or southend meet points.

Southend (Portland/Vancouver) meet point: Starbucks @ Northeast Tenney Road, Vancouver, WA. Arrive after 6:25, roll out by 6:45. Look for a red 7th Gen Celica
Northend: TBA

Please ask before reposting, we want to keep track of who's coming :)

More information available at:
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