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TSNW's 6th Old Historic Cruise/Stonehenge Cruise
October 19, 2013
Troutdale, OR to Maryhill, WA
Toyota Syndicate NW is headed to the South-End to cruise The Old Historic Columbia Highway and make a stop of Washington's "Stonehenge". The nearly identical replica of the more famous English Stonehenge is dedicated to those who lost their lives in WWI. While overlooking the Columbia River and the town of Maryhill, it could make for outstanding photo opportunities! For more information about Stonehenge check out the following link:

* Note: Because of the length of this cruise day, it's a suggestion to pack snacks to hold yourselves over between breakfast and dinner plans.

- Breakfast at Shari's Restaurant, 557 Northwest Phoenix Drive, Troutdale, OR - 9 am
- Cruise out to MaryHill via very curvy Old Columbia Hwy, Rte 30 & Rte 84
- Tour Stone Henge and The Maryhill Museum
- Cruise back to Vancouver, WA.
- Hang out for Dinner at Olive Garden, Mill Plain & SE 164th Ave, Vancouver.
- People can leave when they need.

Route Maps
Here are a few images for routes, and to see where we will be going.
Area Overview of Route

Meeting Spot - Shari's Restaurant - Troutdale, OR

The town of Mary Hill, WA

Stonehenge from the Air

Things to Bring
Two-Way Radio
A friend

North/Central Meet Points

More information is available at:

This event is organized and administered by Toyota Syndicate Northwest (TSNW) for it's members and guests. Do not reproduce this information without the consent of an admin or moderator for TSNW
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