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Turbo Oil

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So I finished my install on my turbo today, and as I primed it, it was all good. As I let it sit for a couple minutes I didn't have a filter or the piping on and it is spitting out oil.

Is this normal? :scared:
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Haas doesn't include an oil inlet line restrictor??? I find that hard to beleive - post pics of the turbo and oil inlet.

anyways a GT28RS should never spit out out the compressor. Something is wrong. From the post you made i'm not certain if you actually started the vehicle, or just let it sit after cranking the car over to prime it and oil came dripping out?
The full size pics are blurry as hell so its hard to say. I don't see a restrictor, but all the pics of where it WOULD be are blurry - can someone that talks to haas have him come help us out on this one and tell us where the restrictor is?

either way though the oil volume at idle shouldn't be high enough to make it leak - either a fitting is loose or the turbo is damaged or the return line is restricted
Only if the return line is kinked somehow
enjoi4586 said:
wts said:
Odds are the drain is not working be due to a clogged/flatspotted drain hose and/or the factory restrictor is missing.
So do you think the turbo still needs a rebuild?

I'm going to call on Monday to talk to them and possibly send it in to get it checked out. I just need to know all the possibilities ahead of time, anything I should look for?
dude - 2 people have now told you to check for a restriction or kink in your return line and see if the factory restrictor is missing...
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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