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Turbo Oil

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So I finished my install on my turbo today, and as I primed it, it was all good. As I let it sit for a couple minutes I didn't have a filter or the piping on and it is spitting out oil.

Is this normal? :scared:
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Yea the power side, where it compresses the air

I ordered a hass turbo and hooked it up. It wasn't the full kit, it lacked an emanage(i have pfc) and an intercooler. I wanted to be cool and buy a different intercoooler that was supposedly "bigger", which was what I got, but the wrong size :(.

I did just as they said, and help the trim for around 2 mins and then let go.
Should that happen for the first time or what? Because I'm about to go see if its still doing it. Is there anything I should check for, or monitor?
No, Im using the Hass kit... Which I don't believe has one

Thing is, I haven't really even used the turbo at all
Boosted2.0 said:
Haas doesn't include an oil inlet line restrictor??? I find that hard to beleive - post pics of the turbo and oil inlet.

anyways a GT28RS should never spit out out the compressor. Something is wrong. From the post you made i'm not certain if you actually started the vehicle, or just let it sit after cranking the car over to prime it and oil came dripping out?

I primed it while it was started up and held it for like an added minute for security, and then waited while it idled, and thats what I got. I'll post picture in a few
Alright I know these are kinda nasty pictures but bare with me

Do what you guys do best: review, diagnose, and help me resolve this

If you would like any other pictures of anything else, just ask and I'd be happy to take some more

Thanks guys
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Can you name the things I could have done to cause this?
SleeprGT said:
When you attached the oil lines, did you put in Teflon tape around the connector parts to make sure they are snug? cause if they are loose it will leak oil.
No, because Hass believes that It'll be fine without it... or maybe I read it wrong.

I believe they said the teflon tape will burn off anyways, or something along those lines
Boosted2.0 said:
either a fitting is loose or the turbo is damaged or the return line is restricted
I don't believe the fitting is loose because its not leaking from either of the inlet/outlet. I have the bung welded up as high as it can go on the pan. How else could I have blocked it?
Would the position you put the inlet line on the tee (at the pressure sensor) matter with how much oil gets out?
wts said:
Odds are the drain is not working be due to a clogged/flatspotted drain hose and/or the factory restrictor is missing.
So do you think the turbo still needs a rebuild?

I'm going to call on Monday to talk to them and possibly send it in to get it checked out. I just need to know all the possibilities ahead of time, anything I should look for?
The hass kit doesn't come with a restrictor from what I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong

And no there aern't any kinks.
I had 4 quarts in there, and then put in another after it started spitting oil everywhere

I read that post over on spyderchat, I think I'm going to try and shorten the length of the oil return line and straighten it out some more
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