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TYC tail lights for sale

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OK guys I know I am new but I bought a pair of TYC tail lights for my girlfriends Celica and we ended up breaking up before I got them on the car so I need to get rid of them. I listed them on E-Bay a couple of times and didnt get any bites so I figured I would try it here. I want $70 bucks shipped OBO. If anyone is skeptical I have plenty of references or I can even make an E-Bay auction for them. Email me at [email protected] for any more information. Thanks a lot guys!
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Which model? reds or the gunmetal ones?
[email protected] ill post you pics. I have these lights already just trying to help you out.
These are the pics guys, proly wont need em becasue this will go fast!

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The can of nite shadez are new right?
Pm me your paypal info
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