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TYC tail lights for sale

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OK guys I know I am new but I bought a pair of TYC tail lights for my girlfriends Celica and we ended up breaking up before I got them on the car so I need to get rid of them. I listed them on E-Bay a couple of times and didnt get any bites so I figured I would try it here. I want $70 bucks shipped OBO. If anyone is skeptical I have plenty of references or I can even make an E-Bay auction for them. Email me at [email protected] for any more information. Thanks a lot guys!
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They are the red ones. I dont know how to put pics up here so send me an email if you want pics man. Thanks for the interest
I also can throw in two cans of VHT nite shades for an extra $5
Like I said if you want pics with your user name, the date, my user name or anything like that let me know. Thanks for posting the pics
SOLD! If imatunergts doesnt want the nite shades I can sell two cans of it for 15 shipped OBO. I also have more crap for sale here

its mostly audio stuff but there is some other random things thrown in. Check it out.

BTW I'm not stealin this and sellin it, I am sellin all my crap for a car down payment... Thanks guys
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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