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Hey guys! Dang it's been awhile since I sold my celica and was very active in newcelica forums but I wanted to check back and see how everything is going.

In the time gone, I sold my celica and got a prius and now my lady is pregnant and we're due in May. I've been driving for Uber and Lyft to make some side baby cash and I've been seeing so many celicas on the road it made me miss my car and all the mods I did to it. Well I just was browsing the forums and glad to see some activity here still.

Also, to say thanks to everyone for all the years of help and support I would like to throw anyone who would like to try Uber or Lyft out free credits for rides if they are a first time user. Right now it's actually 30% off rides so take advantage because it's limited time only. Oh if you want to become a driver too you can use the same promo code and you will get $100 plus for just signing up!

So here you go and enjoy!

Uber $20 Credit Promo code: xh8jeaqnue

LYFT $50 Credit Promo code: CHAKRA11
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