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Ok, months ago, I was dumb, the car fell off the center cross member where I had it jacked up and put a big ass dent in my ac condensor. I promptley removed the condensor that was spewing refrigerant to make sure my radiator was ok...It was all good, a little dent but not leaking...The Condensor on the other loss....

I capped off the AC lines with rubber vacume caps and just wated till now to put a new one on. Now, my AC worked just fine then....And the car the condensor came off of also worked fine.....

I checked the O rings and they looked fine to me, pulled of my little vacume caps and installed the new condensor...Not rocket science, its just two fittings...

Anyway....So i take it to get filled and they said they could not fill it because they coulnt get any kinda of vacume on the high or low side of the system, none at all, and said because they couldnt get vacume, they also could not fill it with there little uv die to see where it may have a leak....He didn't charge me anything because he said he hasnt used the AC machine in about a 2 weeks, so the machine could be bad but he said it was fine the last time he used it.....

Is is posible that both my O rings could be so dried out that I could get 0 vacume in the system? Could my compressor be bad? Any Ideas let me know..
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