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Unidentifiable Noise

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Unidentifiable Noise (updated)

Have been hearing this click noise come from the front of my car the past month or so. Thought it was the drive shaft because I found a grease trail aroung the cv boot when I was putting my hotchkis sways on. The drivers side axle was bad, but the noise remained after I fixed it. Anybody have this problem before? trying to figure out if it could be a bad shock/strut, or control arm? The noise happens when I accelerate from a stop or a low rpms when i touch the gas. I can feel it comming from the front drivers side wheel area.
all input is helpful.
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need a better description. does it click when you turn, does the click go faster with the RPM's
Check the brake caliper bolts, they could be loose and causing the brake caliper to rattle, try applying the break slightly while accelerating and listen if the clicking goes away. also check the anti-rattle clips of the brake pads.
none of those. all bolts that i could find were tight.

any more suggestions?
Make sure you tightened the three bolts on the top of the strut tower tight enough. If those are even slightly loose, there's a problem. You may have not tigtened them enough when installing the sway bar.
it could be any number of things you need to tells us what part of the car the noise is coming from
The noise seems to be comming from the front drivers side wheel area. I thought that it was the drive axle because it feels like a click that is being caused by a rotating part of the suspension. the car is automatic and it happens when i first step on the accelerator, and if i slow down to low speeds then start to accelerate it will also happen. it doesnt happen when the car has a decent amount of moment already built up. ive checked every bolt in site in the wheelwell as well as the upper strut bolts. the drive axle is brand new and the noise remains. something else is obviously wrong. i and my friends have a fairly indepth knowledge of cars and we cannot figure it out. may just have to take it in to toyota to get it checked out. dont realy want to do this because they will charge an arm and a leg. if i can figure out what it is i can replace it. thats not a problem nomatter what it is. the noise isnt responsive to stearing. simply turning the wheel from side to side or when i go around turns, doesnt get the noise to happen. braking alone doesnt cause it, although i have gotten the noise under brakeing, but not often at all.
-my first thoughts were either a wheel bearing or a bad strut, but the noise doesnt match up to those being the problem.

all info is highly appreciated.
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also the car has brand new brakes all around. rotors and pads. the noise was occuring before i changed the brakes.
could it be the caliper is not releasing correctly? sticking?

it happens when i first start to accelerate after ive been stopped, and when i have slowed down quite a bit (braking), then start to accelerate. not sure. but why then wouldnt i get the noise after i step on the brake every time.
Does the driver's side axle have a weight balance, could it be out of place? Just thinking up loud here.
No it doesnt have a balance that I can adjust.
Check ball joints and you might have a defective CV Joint
I just bought a new ball joint and a new wheel bearing. Going to put those in and hope that that takes car of it. Im pretty sure that its not the cv joint. The problem was the same before I changed out the drive axle, and remained after I changed it. It would be amazing if the new one had the exact same problem.

-Drive axle
-ball joint
-wheel bearing
If its not these what else could it be?
I'm pretty sure the wheel bearing need to be pressed out and back in on the front of the Celica's. Good luck. Dont hammer it if needs to be pressed.
Hope thats it. Thanks for the input. Yeah my buddy has a press and Ill make sure to do it that way.
(Update) Ive since replaced the driverside wheel bearing, ball joint, and drive axle. No help.
fastcelicagt22 said:
(Update) Ive since replaced the driverside wheel bearing, ball joint, and drive axle. No help.
Might be in the trranny... :ugh:
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