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Update: Hitting rock on rt.28 = $850 mistake

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So I went to Sears on Saturday to get new tires and see if they could re-allign my car. They put new tires on but said that the bolts on the strut would not allow the camber to be corrected back to Toyota Specs (my front left tire, the side that hit the hugemungo rock on rt. 28 was off 3 degrees). They said either get a new strut or get "crash bolts". I told them I would think about it.

Today I went to Koons Tysons Toyota after my morning class. I ask them to see if they can allign my car. After about 2 hours they said that I need a new strut and a new steering nuckle, cost = $850. sucks eh?

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You can try the hotchkis strut bar for $350, that might help you to get it back into spec. But that may not fix ur strut or sterring.
na, a strut tower bar wont help. According to the Toyota tech, the strut is bent and the steering knuckle is also bent. They said they could use "crash bolts" to get the camber back into spec but he said that if I hit 1 big pothole, bump etc. it will pop right out of spec.
Mike, I doubt seriously that hitting that rock bent your steering knuckle. I believe they're just trying to sell you more product and labor than you need.
If someone in the club has an extra strut you can have, I'll put it in for you for free. It won't take but 20 minutes.
Or I can order you a new one at my cost, if noone has one.

You are truely too kind. Ill see if I can round up a strut.

Im not sure what is wrong with my car. Honestly, there isint really a big deal. The steering pulls right just a tad, thats the only reason I can tell that the alignment is off. Also, Im not sure if it is the feel of the new tires, but the steering feels real loose. It seems really easy to turn the wheel in either direction. The numbers however are preety far off.

At Sears Saturday:
Left Front Camber--3.24 degrees /toe.23"
left rear -1.25 / toe .07"
right front -.36/toe -.02"
right rear -2.37/ toe .18"

today at Koons after they said my allignment was way off, I didnt believe them so I went back to see the car by myself. I dont remember all of the numbers but the front left camber was at -3.0
and right rear was like -2.0.

Ionno what this indicates but I just dont want premature tire wear b/c of a bad allignment.

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WOW............those numbers are bad............My car is at the dealer right now getting an alighnment too........stupid potholes.

But yeah what bill said...........Unless it was a BIG rock.............Strut I can kinda believe but the knukle :wtf:

Heres how dealers solve problems..............Throw as many parts at the car as you can think of..........and if that doesnt fix the problem........throw in some more..............
Works fine with warranty work, But when the cost of all the "labor" is taken appon you.........well lets just say it get expensive :D

Bill and all,

I went back to Koons Today and i let them put in my left strut. My knuckle may still be bent but I'm in toyota alignment spec so thats good enough for now. My front left camber is like -1 right front is -.90 and the back is fine. The tech who did the install said I am on the edge(barely) of passing for my camber but I said that my car would have some negative camber initally anyway because of the trd springs. In short, I am not happy with the service at Koons though and I don't think I will do business at that location any more.

1) I showed up at 1030am, the advisor KNEW I was coming and expected me. He said the tech that would work on my car would be in by 1200 but then he would work on it. I go to an indian buffet, I go with my friend for him to pre-order his G-35 coupe(an excellent car btw) and I return at about 230 and they hadn't even touched the car! I complain to my service rep. but to no avail.

2) they were charging $20 more for the strut then was Leesburg Toyota and $30 more for Steering Knuckle. When I asked the service rep if he could work with me on the prices (afterall, either way he would be making money) he said in his exact words "why dont you go there then". The rep is a mook and doesnt know **** about what is going on with my car. On top of that he is rude and wont listen to my concerns.

3) I talked to the Service Manager and he is totally indifferent about the whole process as well. While I am trying to explain my concern about his crew shotgunning me, he just walks away into the shop.

*Cliff notes* I dont think I will and dont reccomend anyone do business with Koons Tysons Toyota anymore.

Mike Kelly
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That really sucks. Usually any dealer will price match. You should write a letter to the general manager, stating your issues, and state that you will not be returning to their shop again for work, and will advise everyone in your car club of Toyotas to not go there as well. See what happens. It will only cost you a piece of paper, some ink, a stamp and some time.
That is so weird. They will just get hosed by Toyota when the rep calls you after the work. They get hosed on if you are anything but pleased. Or maybe they dont care about the Toyota rating.
I've never liked Koons Tysons even when they were Kline Tysons.....they are overpriced and their service sux as you can see, also the sales people and service people think they are God's gift to the dealer

I take my car to Alexandria Toyota, and whenever something has happened that I thought it was BS, which has been very few times, I went straight to the GM, fuk the Service Manager, fuk the Parts manager, go straight to the top, nothing less.
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