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9,000 is a complete ripoff there is no way that the engine costs that much, all of your accesories can be reused (power steering, air con etc.) The short block 1zz is $1800 and the head is $700. If you have to replace everything you shouldn't be looking at more than $4500 in parts from the dealer and they shouldn't really charge you more than 40 hours labor which at $70 and hour would add up up to 2800 you shouldn't have to spend anymore than about $7400 which is still too much for for a 1zz, get an itemized list from the dealer and then check of the parts and find out how much they are charging for labor. You can check the prices of parts easily on west covina toyotas website (they are a sponsor her so look for their banner on that page). If you car is already depreciated to around 10,000 then you should only really be considering a used engine because you are going to lose too much money. If you are really stuck you can, and this is going to sound stupid but it was recommended to me by the deaer when my car blew up, look into trading the car into the dealer as is, it will only cost them maybe 3500 to 4000 to put a new motor. That cost will be passed on to you but if you have any equity in the car or a little bit of cash you can erase alot of that negative and if need be hide it in a deal on a new car. The option you have in front of you currently is bad, do not fix your car at that price, argue or explore alternatives.
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