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Hello everybody!

I am in a hurry!

I was on a ride a little time ago and after a 2nd gear wot,clutch decided to RIP...

The symptoms are very hard gear engagement and car "jumping"when hot and in gear but with clutch fully pressed.

I bought the car 3 years ago with TRD clutch and TRD flywheel-well,that was assumed by the owner.I never had a symptom of failure or slipping,even now with more tq.

What do you guys recommend for medium modified N/A use?Should I buy the pressure plate,too?Mine must be stock.I've read many good words about Exedy(which is TRD) and Southbend.What do you say?

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If you are happy to pay the shipping, I can ask my engine builder to send you my old southbend tz clutch kit ? Only has like...7k of use on it. Let me know if you want it :)

Failing that, an exedy stock replacement would be good if you like that soft daily driver feel...unless you're planning on doing some violent launching, a stock one should be fine for an N/A car.
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