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Do you think if you relocated the coolent resevoir that you could use a v-mount intercooler setup? This is purely speculatory, but a v-mount with some sf style i/c piping and a custom hood, or maybe an invader if it would fit. Just thinking. What do you think?
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Oh, I know, I just thought it might be plausible with the given amount of space between the intake manifold and the front frame, the biggest advantage would be the length of the piping and therefore the low drop of pressure and quicker response
I can't, I already have my front mount set up, I was just asking, I may change later on but for right now I have to stick with the front mount...besides, if I was going to go with a v-mount, I'd end up doing it right via ducting the air through the front opening, through the radiator and intercooler, and out a duct in the hood...I've seen alot of MR2's do it, along with some RX-7's...I might even end up doing it with the setup I have now....does anybody know if, say, the Invader style hood could flow that much ducted air, or would I have to cut a bigger hole in it?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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