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Do you think if you relocated the coolent resevoir that you could use a v-mount intercooler setup? This is purely speculatory, but a v-mount with some sf style i/c piping and a custom hood, or maybe an invader if it would fit. Just thinking. What do you think?
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v-mount intercoolers are used in places where you have more room front to back than side to side. if done right the piping will be slightly less than a regular i/c as well. also used when you mount the i/c behind the rad.
start taking measurements and look for one that will fit : ) . remember to also compare the pressure drop from a good normal i/c to that of whatever v-mount you're looking at, the reduced drop from the piping may be negligible if the i/c has to much drop.
Boosted2.0 said:
If you want the shortest IC piping and least pressure drop you need to look into Air to Water ICs. You can get some awsome and short piping lengths with those setups. If you run a seperate resivoir you can also run ice water through them when drag racing for rediculously effective cooling.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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