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Valley meet thread!

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Ok Guys and Girls Here it is. Im going to be hosting a meet in the Valley. Its going to be at a big park with places for kids to play and everything. Tons of seats and parking. Its going to be a BBQ meet so were making Taco truck Tacos so asda is the meat, onions and celranto maybe cheese. You can bring stuff you want too cook too theres built in BBQ pits there. Were also going to have Rice and Beans (From Daniel and Steph) for the Plates. Its going to be about 5$ a plate depending on how many people attend. There is softball feilds and places to play football too.:wiggle: look the place up on google its a nice park lots of space. Hope to see you guys and girls out there. NO REVING NO BURNOUTS NOTHING STUPID Please. Also wanna do a Testla run out in tracy and i have made the run before its a fun drive but because no one knows the run we should do it in the day time its a 2 lane out and a one lane back.LMK what you guys think. its like a 45min run if everyone keeps up. lol

When: April 28th at 11AM to whenever we get done.
Where: 1740 Hoyt Lane, Manteca, California,
What: Newcelica Gathering.
Who: whom ever wants to meet the valley OG's and have a good time.

1.Obrienc cory
2.Northernceli Daniel
4.Rtzceli Johnny/ maybe lol
6. monkeyb01
7. Darkman
8. wang2000
Maybe/ not going lol
2. Ms.Victoria
3. Nico
4. Thong
5. itz_Ciel
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:thumbup:-Put me down as maybe.
Lol, damn, this one happens on the day I was planning on having my kbbq meet for my birthday. lol
Well now u can come and enjoy instead of having to worry about setting something up. :)
I'd go to this one instead of the may 5th one, depending on if more people will be there. Its a long drive for me. put me as maybe :O
Well its up early enough so everyone have time to choose to come. Anyone have any questions?
Put me down DTG. Being from the Bay Area, I honestly feel like a dick for never ever attending a meet in the valley. You guys always do me the favor and make the drive to my meets. I would love to return the favor. Plus... BBQ sounds delicious. I love mexican food. Bring on the TACOS!!!

And for the rest of the BAY... LET'S SHOW THE VALLEY SOME LOVE! We're suppose to represent NorCal. Please TRY to come
ill go if i can get the day off work. im a maybe
If nothing comes up I'll be down.
Only a month away. TACOS
i'm down
Dont play around Cause im am Starving.
5 maybe 9 people. Looks like its going to be a small meet. If it rains I have a backup plan so its rain or shine people.
c'mon folks. Let's get more in this. Carpool if you got to.
Not sure about that day. Its my birthday that day. Ill go if u guys bring presents :D haha
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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