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Various Used Parts

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Alright Guys I have a bunch of parts for sale that I need to get out of the garage because I am looking to move out into a condo and wouldn't have the space for them.

1. Greddy Evo 2 exhaust(bought off of RookieGTS) I only put about 2k on the exhaust myself
2.7 Inch Screen in custom fiberglass console(bought off CelicaGTizzle) color is 1D0 could use a little touch up it looks like...havent even put it on my car
3.Modena Side Skirts (bought off of Korben007) Love the look of these but never got around to puttin them on car...didnt even take themout of the box.
4.Suspension Tein S-Tech Springs+ KYB AGX Shocks(bought brand new) about 5k on them and would need stock suspension in trade because they are on the car.
6.2002 Toyota Celica Gt has the suspension on with some 17" Mille Miglia Action rims on...would also come with stocks on brand new tires...Tails are redded out and the guages are silver/blue RJ Autoworks with blue LEDs car has about 70,xxx miles on it

I don't have access to a digital at the moment but any questions can be sent to my email [email protected] because I don't come on the site much anymore.
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damn man where have ya been?

Would you swap gauge faces?
would it be possible to swap out clusters? or will the mileage remain with the cluster?
I have orange LEDs.
i think thundabones is silver or a dark grey if i can remember.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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