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Who's getting off their lazy arse to vote today?

  • Jengumash! I vote the election. Yes?

    Votes: 14 66.7%
  • No. I wear sweatpants in public.

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • Jake: Can I vote through my MMORPG via teamspeak?

    Votes: 3 14.3%
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I can't according to Puffy/P.Diddy/Diddy/Squiggly/whatever the fvck he is now, I'm going to die.

VA people, NO on #1.

WillyWonka said:
I vote! All questions will be voted "Yes!". When I press the screen, I will loudly proclaim each vote!
I can picture you doing this.

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I'm not voting today because I already voted. :D

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Beast said:

Second one is to take out a ban on church assemblies (a law that was ruled unconst. and is basically worthless anways)

Third is for tax relief for certain projects.
Yes, I just found them online and read the amendments. I agree with your NO, YES, YES.
Looks like I'm voting for 2. Eric is my little pepito.
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