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Who's getting off their lazy arse to vote today?

  • Jengumash! I vote the election. Yes?

    Votes: 14 66.7%
  • No. I wear sweatpants in public.

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • Jake: Can I vote through my MMORPG via teamspeak?

    Votes: 3 14.3%

Vote or Die!

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Who's voting today?

It only takes a few minutes to vote, so you might as well do it whether you're pissed off or whether you think everything is going great.
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Only Lemmings vote.

I choose NOT to choose between crooks.
Butt Dyno said:
Roll your eyes all your want. I will conceed however that at least in this vote, your vote actually counts, unlike the presidential election. Without "going off on a rant here" I'll just say that there are many things that I don't like about the political system. Add a few of them together and that's why I don't vote.

I'm not a fan of lying politicians that will say anything for a vote, while trying to make the other guy look as much like a dirtbag as they can. I don't vote for that reason, like it or not. It's my choice. If anything I'd have voted for the independent guy here that says the same things I do, that the other guys are just lying politicians. But you know he'll get about .01% of the total votes. If he loses by 1 vote I will publicly apologize and vote in every future election.
Butt Dyno said:
Yes, it's your choice, it's a free country
Thanks. Out.
Still not going on a full rant here, but just an observation:

The worst possible outcome of an election is to have a dead heat, like the one you linked to. Because that means the least possible amount of people are happy, and nearly 1/2 of the people are unhappy. If elections would be like 90% in favor of the winner, that would be great, since only a small amount of people would not have their choice as elected official.
Al is right, VA should be split.
Maybe just redo the border between WV and VA to include a lot more of VA in the WV portion. Then leave NOVA as "New Virginia".
ringthree said:
If you dont vote, you are voting against yourself. Because you are allowing others to speak for you. Doesn't matter who you vote for, that is always the case.

No, Yes, Yes was the way to go.
Next time I will sell my vote on eBay. Too bad I didnt' think of that sooner.
BrianGTS said:
the politics and voting system in this country are about as organized as one of our get togethers.
I am very tempted to put this in my sig.
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