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Who's getting off their lazy arse to vote today?

  • Jengumash! I vote the election. Yes?

    Votes: 14 66.7%
  • No. I wear sweatpants in public.

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • Jake: Can I vote through my MMORPG via teamspeak?

    Votes: 3 14.3%

Vote or Die!

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Who's voting today?

It only takes a few minutes to vote, so you might as well do it whether you're pissed off or whether you think everything is going great.
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bme107 said:
I rocked at that game. My brother used to get mad because he couldn't figure out how to make the little dude do a hand plant.

at least MD seems to be swinging back to the Dems again. Lots of people are pissed over the war and it seems thats whats fueling the Dem vote, but as we see from VA's marraige amendment, there are other issues on peoples minds as well.

But i'm going to quote Jake on this issue. I'm actually GLAD this went through. Because its going to speed its progress to the Supreme court, its going to befound discriminatory, and WHAMMO, gay marraige for everyone.

These conservatives are shooting themselves in the foot. They should have let it be as it is.
Beast said:
I don't think this will happen, as long as they maintain the mindset that being ghey is a choice. There are loopholes for discrimination...well, F. loopholes. VA just made it law. :shrugs:
Yeah, but we CHOOSE religion and we aren't allowed to discriminate based on religion either. In fact last i checked this country was suppposed to be about deciding your religion without having laws dictating it.
and people wonder why I didn't vote for him :jerkoff:
Beast said:
You would think, right? :chuckles:
well, the ultra conservative republicans may not.... :gap:
sadly there are TONS of blind followers out there. My in-laws for example. They are the ipidomy of conservative christian Republicans. They have no idea and can't understand how I can have some of the opinions that I do, an i'm sure they think i have corrupted their son, with my non-church going ways. We were watching the news one day and someone came on about something to do with bush and the war, and my mother in law said, "are they bashing our good president again? I wish they would stop."


Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who believe being gay is a sin and it should be illegal to even think those thoughts much less want to get married, That school prayer should be held in public school, that all illegal immigrants should be immeadieatly deported because obviously they are only doing harm to this great nation... I could go on. I have stopped getting into any type of political debate with them since its just like beating my head against a brick wall, only it hurts even more.
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ringthree said:
On and as for Ehrlich, I like him. He is more liberal than most democrats.
that was the one battle that I really couldn't decide on and no matter who won i was going to be OK on it. His stem cell policy was pretty radical for a republican.

Michael Steele on the other hand scared the crap out of me.
BrianGTS said:
the politics and voting system in this country are about as organized as one of our get togethers.
you give them too much credit
Props to VA. looks like the Dems are taking over congress too. Finally, you guys are good for something.

its like NYC/long island, it should be its own thing, seperate from new york state.
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