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So yeah I promised myself I wouldn't go back to the races for awhile after a rather nasty incident over spring break with two cruisers... (not sure if I told you guys about that one, but we can save that for another bed time story)

In any case, I've been working hard these past couple of weeks - So I figured i deserve a break. So I head out to some of the usual places saturday night, you know - tryin to get a feel for where the activity is gonna be. I finally meet up with this pack on rocket blvd. & central florida pkwy.

I only got to watch a black cobra & a blue 94'ish? mustang (Horizontal tail lights)- Cuz almost immediately afterwards a Camaro Interceptor came in and busted the place. The usual routine goes... everyone is peelin out and tryin to get the fcuk out of there.

And lucky me, I get stuck behind 3 of the slowest fcuking rice corolla(s) I have ever seen. So of course, I pull out into the next lane to pass em (This is that stupid part I mentioned earlier- actually, the whole night was stupid on my behalf- but this was the apex of stupidy)

...I pull out into the next lane and I pass em all easily- I passed them all easily cuz they were slowing down for a sharp curve up ahead that I didn't see :eek:

So we all know what happens to our car w/ stock suspension when taking a sharp curve at 60- you lose the ass, and thats exactly textbook of what happend to me. So when I realized that there was no fcuking way I was gonna regain traction control back- I yank the ebrake at the last second as I'm staring at HIDs flooding my passenger window.

I pulled down a clean 180 inside of a two lane curving road- scared the **** of the corollas- and was now facing the wrong direction- I'm thinking Holy ShIeT! any second now - those guys are come flyin around the corner to get the hell out of there- So I try shiftin into reverse- But apparantly (celeste) didn't like that spin out- because her engine just died on me right then & there.

I was set in Drive tryin to move in through neutral then reverse, nothing! I tried 2 & L nothing! I couldn't freakin restart the engine- I'm thinking Oh Crap, that Camaro is gonna catch me here with my pants down- and I'm desperately trying to think of excuses to tell the officer - like how my 17" rim w/ an exhaust car got into the other lane facing the opposite direction - died on the road near race central!

Just then, I realized i had to hold the brake down- shift her into park, take the key out- and try to restart it- ...and it worked- I didn't bother to try and follow the others out through the exit road- I just ditched my car behind a nearby U-Haul and walked around for a few minutes- after i saw the camaro blow by chasin some bikers- i got back in my car and got the hellafcuk out of there.

I had to get this out of my system before I forgot the details, Sorry. But no more stupid **** for me for awhile.

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Yeah, I was very freakin lucky. And the car & myself are fine- but I couldn't tell you what the spin out did to the inerts of my car- definitely loss more tire tread- but other than that she feels fine driving.

I wasn't racing either- I was just spectatin'/admiring.

But here's the penalty that was issued Oct 1st - not sure how they stipulate between spectators and participants- but I'm sure they're severe about as well.

October 1st.

Ch. Law 2002-251 HB 1225 ? Racing on Highways Effective 10/1/2002

316.191(2)(a) Any person actively participating in any unauthorized motor vehicle or motorcycle contest of speed, acceleration or endurance on any highway, roadway, or parking lot is guilty of a misdemeanor of a second degree. A fine shall be imposed of not less than $250 and not more than $500, and the Department of Highway Safety shall revoke the driver license of a person so convicted for 1 year. A hardship hearing may be requested pursuant to s. 322.271.

316.191(2)(b) A second violation of paragraph (a) within 5 years of the first violation will result in a misdemeanor of the first degree and a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $1000. The department of Highway Safety shall revoke the driver license of a person so convicted for 2 years. A hardship hearing may be requested pursuant to s. 322.271

316.191(3) Whenever a law enforcement determines that a person was engaged in a racing contest as described in subsection (1), the officer may immediately arrest and take such person into custody. The court may enter an order of impoundment or immobilization as a condition of incarceration or probation.

316.191(3)(a) The impounding agency shall release a motor vehicle under the conditions provided in s. 316.193(6)(e), (f), (g) and (h) if the owner presents a valid driver license.

316.191(3)(b) All costs and fees for the impoundment or immobilization must be paid by the owner.
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