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If this is your first time in the Newbie Forum or on this site, let me extend a warm welcome on behalf of all the people who run and maintain this site and its many members. You will find an exceptional wealth of information on the Toyota Celica on this site.

The Aim of This Forum:

The Newbie Forum was designed to allow people that are new to the Celica ask any basic questions they have about the Celica and to introduce themselves to other new members who have the same interest. This forum is usually the first step to get a basic question answered, and you will find that many experienced and knowledgeable Celica owners frequent this Forum. Be sure to also check the site's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section here:

For the list of smilies and what to type to get them, go here:

Newbie Forum Rules

The rules are simple. Be respectful to each other. In here there is no such thing as a stupid question unless it was posted intentionally to disturb order. Anyone is welcome, whether you own a Celica or not. Please be reminded to read the Site and Forum Rules carefully to avoid any type of problems.

The "Search" Function

As an aid to help you answer more questions that you may have pertaining to the Celica or other items, please utilize the search function of the website. All threads and posts since the website's start are kept in the Site's database logs and you will more than likely be able to find an answer to your question much faster than asking for it. The search button is located on the top right corner of your screen under the advertisement banner.

Issues Concerning Your Screen Name:
larryd said:
Severo J. Lomel said:
When I registered I put my full name where the username was supposed to go. Now I have to log in with my full name as a user name. I was wondering if I could change that to something shorter?
I do not allow anyone to change there user names on the site. But since you just registered and this is your only post let me know what you'd like it to be and I'll change it.

Dragncrosmember said:
open a new account
That will get anyone banned without questioning.
If you have any problems or issues within this forum please feel free to contact the moderator sdsu_celica01 via Private Messaging (PM).


Have Fun!!
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