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What do u need to install a Headunit??

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Do you need a wiring harness if u do where do u get it? I just bought a pioneer deh-p740 and i wanna know what exactly u need cuz imma try to install it myself. Thanks
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Well, you don't need to have a wiring harness. The harness just makes it easier to install everything and makes it easier to go back to the stock radio.

You will also need a mounting kit for your radio. There are a few available, with and with out pockets.

i would strongly recommend a wiring harness. makes it much easier to splice the wires (since you don't have to do that in the car) and don't permanently screw up your factory wiring. just use some butt connectors to connect the cd player's harness to the one you buy. and i use a few wire ties too.
i did it without the harness and let me tell you: it was a pain in the *ss to do the install.

if you ask me what you need to do the install, i'd answer:

1. time
2. patience
3 wiring harness
4. lots of coke, coffee and donuts ;-)
5. more patience
6. if you don't have a garage: nice weather (i did my install in an unheated garage at 23rd-25th december. temeprature was around-5 to 0 degrees celsius)

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well, it depends how you do it. In my case, I only used the power wires and that was it, I ran new speaker wires and bypassed all OEM wiring/amp. If you want to use all OEM wiring, I see how it could be a PITA.
that is exactly what i figured out AFTER i finished the install ;-)

pretty stupid by myself ... imo
The only wires I used on the factory harness were the ignition and illumination wires. I have a seperate power system for my stereo. The reason for this is to keep a solid power supply with no spikes or anything, and it will be upgraded to a 16-volt system once I figure out how to fit the battery under the hood.

But if you don't want to take a lot of time, get the harness.

ok thanks for the help guys but one more question...i have a GT-s with 8 speakers and i used the search engine and ppl said you will have to change out the stock amp? is that true or is it okay to use the stock amp. Because i plan on gettin an amp later on, plus rear speakers and a sub. thanks again for the help
you dont have to "change " it have to bypass it all together.Use the amp in your stereo or an aftermarket one.
ok i just bought a wiring harness. So basically all i have to do is connect the plug into the factory amp and solder the wires to the wires of the head unit? And one more thing the wires are a variety of colors right so i just match it and solder them together?? thanks i'm really noob to wiring and electrical stuff
You don't have to solder anything. All you have to do is use butt connectors. Make sure you get the red ones because the blue ones will be a little too big. You'll also need crimpers/strippers, electrical tape, a multimeter (to be certain), zipties (to make the job neat, patience and "just in case" fuses. All the colors should match up, but all you have to do is read the back of the package and it will illustrate what each color coded wire is for. Good luck and if you need to know more, email me a [email protected]
thanks a lot i appreciate your help
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