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What should I get?

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Alright as most of you know my car was recently hit and is now being fixed. My insurance company gives you money for the car being worth less since it was in an accident. I dont know how much Im going to get yet but Im guessing around $1,000. I was wondering what you guys thought I should get. Nitrous system? Or some external mods, like rims, hood, some thing like that. Or some thing I havent even thought of yet? Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have been looking at a lot of stuff lately. I really want an Invader CF hood but I dont know.
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well....if your getting 1000 bucks you should choose either rims or shocks/springs. If you try to get both you will cheap out and end up with heavy knockoff rims and spring/shocks that are good, but could be better.

I have the tokico hp's (blue tokico) and the tein stech springs...after 3 years of serving me pretty good these things are starting to wear out. I would reccomend these for the average daily driver, or the kyb AGX's just because they are adjustable. I dont know about the roads around where you live but around me they suck and the tokico's are fairly hard shocks so my panels just rattle when I hit decent sized bumps. Here recently the shocks in the rear have been squeaking under very cold conditions in the morning.

you should try to pick up tein s-techs, kyb agx's, and a set of hotchkis sways if the leftover cash allows. Save your rim purchase for another day, imo. PM bottle, he's with titan motorsports and usually has great deals on hotchkis stuff :). He may even have overstock on the other parts as well.
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