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What should I get?

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Alright as most of you know my car was recently hit and is now being fixed. My insurance company gives you money for the car being worth less since it was in an accident. I dont know how much Im going to get yet but Im guessing around $1,000. I was wondering what you guys thought I should get. Nitrous system? Or some external mods, like rims, hood, some thing like that. Or some thing I havent even thought of yet? Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have been looking at a lot of stuff lately. I really want an Invader CF hood but I dont know.
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That's not too shabby of an insurance policy. I presume your car is stock though, right? I'd say wheels, it really changes the apperance, but if you go to 17" or above your car may look a little too high, but that's just my opinion. Other than that I'd say upgrade your suspension if you have enough, the Tokico spring and shock/strut combo is pretty affordable, although I think the lowest priced Tein is the way to go. This way it's for both looks and performance. If you have a bit left over get some tint and call it good. Nitrous is a waste.
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