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What should I get?

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Alright as most of you know my car was recently hit and is now being fixed. My insurance company gives you money for the car being worth less since it was in an accident. I dont know how much Im going to get yet but Im guessing around $1,000. I was wondering what you guys thought I should get. Nitrous system? Or some external mods, like rims, hood, some thing like that. Or some thing I havent even thought of yet? Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have been looking at a lot of stuff lately. I really want an Invader CF hood but I dont know.
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J2KGTS6 said:
not fond of them...
I don't like them either body style suck's but the 300hp turbo engine rock's.
i was toying with one earlier with my celi gt and he just zoom out of sight.
Save it for a down payment on a WRX STi.
300hp is nice but on a AWD too much of it is lost in the drive train, stick with toyota and get a supra :thumbup:
No I actually considered selling my car and taking the insurance money and putting a down payment on a 1996 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin turbo. Those crank out what 300 to 320HP? And they are AWD. Not to mention you can get a decent one for around $6,000 the only problem.... finding one with less then 170,000 miles on it.
i was toying with one earlier with my celi gt and he just zoom out of sight. mean your van? You sold the celi like a year ago, remember?
lamboceliGTS said:
rims would be a good investment, they usually increase the resale value.
Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read in a while.
What do you guys think about the 1991-1996 Dodge Stealths or the 3000GT's? With the Twin Turbo in them? I dont know any one who has owned one so I dont know if they hold up as far as engines go? Or if a lot of things on them break?
only thing I've ever heard about 3000GT's is that they are heavy
3000gt VR-4: great car if well taken care of AND with low miles, but very porky weight. Don't start crying when you realize they are pretty expensive to maintain. Mileage isn't it's strong point, but you knew that already. They have had plenty of issues with the tranny and transfer case.
What about a dodge stealth R/T Twin turbo, still expensive to maintain even though its an american car? Yeah I know there are a lot of problems with them shifting into 3rd and 5th gear. The Sync or some thing goes bad and it grinds going into gear.
It's the very same car mechanically, it only carries a domestic name. Differences are cosmetic only.

The problems with the tranny aren't just synchros. There were plenty of issues with transfer cases locking up and rendering the cars undrivable, outputshaft letting go.
I want a new car but Im only looking to spend about $7,000 this time around. The problem with my car was every penny I make goes into paying for the car. So I cant do any thing else to it and I can hardly afford gas some times. So Im looking to finance a new car for about $7,000. Im looking for some thing I can do A LOT with on the out side and has a lot of power stock. Thats the problem with the Celica is getting it up to a decent amount of power. Where the 3000GT or the Stealth have 300HP stock. That lets me dump all my money into looks and add a few things for performance. That way Im not left with a bad ass looking car that gets smoked 9/10 times in a race (celica).
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