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man, have i been busy, so much so in fact, that my celi is still not done!! it has kinda taken second place to my "grown-up" life. I'm livin in Duluth now, Chatelaine Park Apts, for those that know. It's pretty pimp 3 BR, Attached Garage, much much eye candy.

Let's see what else? Oh yeah, my primary mode of transportation now is this

It's a 2003 Ram 4.7L V8, factory 20s, everything except the HEMI (come on, 1200 bucks for a badge and 35HP?) and leather.

Finally, I started a business, that has insofar been doing pretty good. You can see my website (nothin special and not complete) at
Clarity Computer

I have every single part for my Celica, and I had the interior panels excluding the dash wrapped or painted in red. It's only a matter of time...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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