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I'm going to ride a stage 2 piper cams on my supercharger engine, I do not intend to raise the RPM and keep them at 8200, with which I have BRIAN CROWER views with a very good price but I have no references of these, someone has mounted them or Do you know about it?
* the other option is EIBACH these are somewhat more expensive than the BC but very appreciated for stage 2
* and finally the SUPERTECH these have a similar price to the eibach but they have characteristics for high RPM and it is not what I am going to look for with which I think that there will be more wear than necessary.

* As I'm not going to raise the RPM limit I do not know if I will use and mount titanium retainers in kit, will it be necessary for what I'm looking for?

* What do you recommend here? someone using BC or eibach or supertech? titanium retainers or without?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts