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what you need to run more boost

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i have read that celicas can only handle about 6-8 psi safely continuously, what exactly would you need to have done to run about 15 16 17 pounds of boost?
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Boosted2.0 said:
GT rods have failed as low as 250 HP. GTS hasn't had rod failures but the ring lands tend to blow during a lean burn or detonation event. MWR failed them at 400 or so.

I would say anything over 300 to the tire on a great tune for 2ZZ is going to be a bit iffy - it might live a while, but you would have to watch your AF ratio gauge like a hawk, and a JNS safegaurd + water injection would be a must.

You're better off building the 2ZZ bottom end over 300 HP IMO, and for that matter you're not wasting your money if you do it for less power than that.
On a related note, what's your feeling regarding the safety of 12 psi with water/alcohol on the Greddy S/C kit for an unbuilt 2ZZ? I don't think it'll make more than about 300 crank :shrugs:
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