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same question as you

I also have a GT, and I was also trying to figure out what wheel size would be optimal for our cars. Right now I have been using the stock 15's with Ecstas on the front and pirelli p6000 sports on the back. Handling is awsome with just this combination alone and a strut brace.
I also recently purchased sways, and after installing the rear one, I reached what would be the optimal handling of the stock 15, however once I put the front sway in the vehicle would understeer and the tires couldn't compensate for the handling required for the overall stiffness. For another 400 bux I got kyb struts and eibach springs lowering the car a bit. This makes up, but not enough. Now I know I need a thicker rear sway bar for more oversteer, but I'm debating a lightweight 16" or a lightweight 17" also because i'm pretty sure that the 15"s wouldn't hold up as well under harder cornering. The extra wideness alone of a 16" would help substantially, and it would also keep the car 3-7 pounds lighter at each wheel than a 17" for great speed (Plus a lot of 16" rims are lighter than the stock wheels).
I have no experience with aftermarket wheels though, so I don't know how great the interia required would be for rotating the 17 would be versus the 16. I think for drag prupses I'd go with a 15" but I like to drive curves, so I'm definetely going to go with at least 1" larger and 0.5-1" wider wheel. I really would like to know if a 17" would be THAT much beter for handling though due to it's profile. Can anyone vouch for this?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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