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WheelMax Sucks!

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I got my rims today, lugs are still on the way as a separate package, they should get here tomorrow.. so I was putting some of the rims on the car just to leave it sitting in the garage till tomorrow and guess what.. one of the rims is a 4x100 pattern instead of 5x100.. crap.. now i have to wait till tomorrow to talk to a customer service rep and then they send ups my way, i send it to them, after seeing they f'ed up they'll send me a new one.. its ghey and i'll have to wait another 2 weeks to get the rims.. should i yell and scream tomorrow and tell them to send the other rim out while i send the other one back their way? watch, the next rim i get the tire is going to be balanced the wrong way.. instead of the tire having the direction for the right side of the car it will have it for the left..
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I was afraid something like that might happen. I've heard some real horror stories of people dealing with them.
i just gotta get the other rim
damn thats terrible!!!...i just hope that they will even believe you. from what ive seen and heard so far im gonna stay away from them at all cost, i wouldnt yell at them cause then they might just shut you out so try to be nice first. but best of luck to ya bro and let us know what happened.
well. they try to shut me down i go to the bank and request the bank to get its money back because i never got the item, and such
oh nooooooo!!

wheel max?!! man, first off, they dont speak english. 2nd off, their customer service sucks! they tried to make my friend pay for shipping for their own mistake. mistakes just like yours.

yah, do as comicbookguy say's. be nice and professional (as much as u can!!)

good luck....
Ooooo, bad mouthing a site sposor. Wait 'til the mods see this. :rolleyes: :chuckles: ;)

Just another example of the lack of customer service in this young sport compact tuning market. Not a shot against you, just the rag-tag fly-by-night vendors that fill our marketplace.

You wouldn't believe the service, professionalism and trust that vendors in other market segments give to their automobile enthusiasts. Your sh1ts in the mail before you hang up the phone. Many times the transaction is on a pay me when you receive the parts basis. And be damned if you don't call me on my bedside line if the order is screwed up.

I feel you man.. I got my wheels with all the tread on the tires facing the same direction (the tires on one side would be spinning correctly, but the tires on the other side would be spinning against the tread).

Its like a f'n tease.. you are so happy to see them and you are just ready to (climax) pimp them on your car, but instead you have to continue to wait..


Good luck, I hope they try to be more customer friendly then what I have heard about them in the past.
You now that NTB will match prices , right?
heh, that sucks! well, i have 5-10 more minutes till i call them, because its not 10 o'clock yet and some asshole picked up the phone saying customer service is not open for another 20 min.. i just want this handled..
By the time you get done dealing with customer service, you'll want to handle the rep!
do they only match prices if they have it in stock?
after trying to call and get through 10-20 times, i finally got threw to a customer service rep and he put a call tag out to ups to pick that one rim up.. then they'll have to wait for the rim to get there and then they will send me a new one.. watch them look at the back of the rim and say it got all scratched up by me figuring that shizat out.. alright, so it will probably take another 2 weeks for me to get my new rim.. grr.. the wait sucks!
that's pretty f'ed up. Sorry to hear that man.
There is no reason that they can't confirm a pick up w/ UPS, from you, and immediately drop a new one in the mail.
yeah man sorry to hear that, i've heard lots of horror stories about them. we'll get to see your rims next time though :)
bme107 said:
There is no reason that they can't confirm a pick up w/ UPS, from you, and immediately drop a new one in the mail.
that's exactly what i was thinking.. ups picks it up, wheelmax gets a tracking number and they are all set, they should be able to send the new wheel out so i don't have to wait longer than i have to.. but now i have to wait till monday for ups to come by and pick up the wheel, then they send it to miami and from there they will send out a new wheel.. the whole process should take about 10 days or so.. but in the mean time i put two wheels on the back so i could look ricey with a red front bumper and two stock gts wheels on
yes u do, i need a digi cam
I have them on the phone right now..ordering a new center cap for my 18"s. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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