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Which custom tails to go with? Pics inside

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I just tinted a couple set of taillights in addition to the ones I already had. I need to deceide which to go with, let me know which you like best.

1.) OEM dark tinted tails (currently on my car)

2.) OEM tinted tails with red strips (to keep cops away)

3.) Lightly tined TYC Reds

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i like the ones you have now...
the first or second ones.. i'd say flip a coin both look good.. but im not a fan of tycs
2 looks better imo
i just got some red tyc's and they look really good
i like option 3... maybe tint it more!!! im goin to do the same thing in the near future =)
i like the tyc tinted
Originally posted by Kuz
i like the ones you have now...
Originally posted by SilverGTS83
2 looks better imo
if your gonna go with the stock tinted tails, at least do the reverse lights too. it looks odd being so dark and then having a little section of white.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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