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Which tire would you get?

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Just looking for opinions here on which package I should get. Shift21 swears the 712's suck for traction, and there's about 4 straight roads in this entire county. Curve after curve, I need something I can hug the road on. Also needs to be good dry and wet, and below the $1100 spectrum.

Here's the link:
.click me kind sir

Here's the options:
Kumho Ecsta Supra 711H
Falken Ziex ZE-512
Falken Azenis ST115
GoodYear Eagle GSD
Falken GRB FK451
Kumho Ecsta Supra 712
Toyo Proxes FZ4

There's the choices, thanks ahead of time for the opinions.
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Of those listed, I'd go with the Falken GRBs. I only wish Falken would have made the Azenis Sport in the size I need. :(
nice wheels!
out of all the combo prices, id say the grb's are nicely priced! they generally go for more than the kumhos, and ive heard better things about them. the kumhos have some of the worst tread life.
if you could, get the Azenis for good traction.

other than that, i say get the GRB's.
I had proxies on my old set of rims. Very nice treadwear, and good to very good dry traction.
What tires are these for? Is it just for the summer? If so, of the given choices, I'd say either go with the Azenis ST115 or Toyo Proxes FZ4. If you can, try to get the S03 pole position. The Kumho 712s suck...I had them before. If you are getting 17 inch wheels, why not just get the Falken Azenis in 225/45/17. I've had these tires in 205/50/15 before and I loved them. They are super sticky but you must take it easy in the rain.

I know budget is a concern but tires play such an important role in traction and braking. I'd spend just a little bit more and get the better tire.
Toyo's - i live and swear by them!
i currently own the the falken grb fk451. never switching over to another tire unless its the SO3 pole postions. You cant go wrong with them. Anyways, the treadwear on the tires is good. Driving in the snow is a big no no with these though.
FZ4, good treadware, good dry traction but pretty slippery in the wet.
mac340 said:
FZ4, good treadware, good dry traction but pretty slippery in the wet.
Kumho Ecsta MX, I just replaced my supra 712s with them, and they are far superior. The rank with the Pilot sports, and cost half as much.
anyone know which Falken tire is better, Azenis ST115 or FK451?
FZ4s are wack.

Prob. go with falkens azenis
check out the sumitomo HTRZ II's. I have had a good time with them. They are definitely better than kumho and wont break your account
I have a set of Sumitomo HTR+ I love them
great tire, they stick to the ground even in the rain, anyone from the tri-state area knows all the rain we have had the last 3months, and I havent noticed any slipping and I do alot of parkway driving 65+mph..

Great tire, and you cant beat them for the price I paid $95 each for 215/40/17
DO NOT GET THE Toyo Proxes FZ4 DO NOT GET THE Toyo Proxes FZ4 DO NOT GET THE Toyo Proxes FZ4

I have an auto gt-s .. lets just say I manage to lose traction on dry pavement from a stop! wtf there are no dirt or any thing of that sort and I manage to slip it!.. and its worse on wet roads.
I first saw the toyo t1-s tires on an import tuner or super street magazine, tried them out cause one of my buddies that works at a tire lube place told me about em, to put it short and simple, these will be the only set of tires im going to get
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