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I went last weekend and made some bucks. I got 6th overall, in a GTS, and 1st is IS1. Great event and great competition. I'd be back this weekend to get some more money if I did not have a local event to run.


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Good driving Dave, are you still using those 16 inch GTS rims when you ran? Thanks for proving to the STS Celica group that Kalman is beatable. I just wish the local group here could take the next step up. Good luck at the SD Tour.


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Actual I am running 16x7 rota slipstreams. In Will's defense his tires gave up, because we squashed the event into one day. I still would have beat him though. :D

Thanks, I hope to win this time. I got third last year and Will was a second out in front. At least we know he can be beat. I have a couple more parts that I am updating on Saturday and testing all day Sunday for San Diego. Hopefully these should do what I want, which is to pull more than the 1.05G on the Falkens.


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I just saw this press release on Honda-Tech regarding the upcoming Fontana event (and I guess subsequent PRO events) :

National Auto Sport Association (N.A.S.A.) and Precision Racing
Organization announce joint marketing venture.

The National Auto Sport Association (N.A.S.A.) and the Precision
Racing Organization announce a joint marketing venture to promote
motorsports participation. N.A.S.A., the fastest growing road race
sanctioning body in American, and the Precision Racing Organization,
the most technically advanced National touring autocross
organization, will be working together to promote motorsports
participation all across America. "N.A.S.A. already has the easiest
and fastest way to get from your couch to the racetrack," states
Steven Volpp, President of Precision Racing Organization, "but the
jump from the street to the track can be too long for some to take in
one step". Jerry Kunzman, Executive Director of N.A.S.A., says,
"autocross both a great starting point, and a great way to
participate in motorsports while placing the car and driver in a
minimum risk/maximum fun environment." "The technical advances that
the Precision Racing Organization have pioneered are truly un-equaled"

The two expanding and leading edge companies will combine their
marketing efforts to make it easier than ever for a motorsports
enthusiast to enter the sport. The new joint marketing venture will
be unveiled at California Speedway on March 7th-9th as N.A.S.A., will
host a High Performance Driving Event, plus two days of road racing on theCalifornia Speedway infield road course. The Precision Racing Organization will
be in lot 12 with their unique brand of autocross, live stats, and
web casting. Come see how easy it is to enter the world of
motorsports at this exiting weekend of racing at California Speedway.
Admission is free. For information on how to enter these events
visit http://www.nasaproracing or

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 to
deliver high quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major
racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that
allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven
vehicles to experience the excitement of putting their cars on the
racetrack in a safe and controlled environment. NASA's High
Performance Driving Events (HPDE's) have given many race fans the
chance to get on the track with their own cars and race classes such
as Pro-7, American Iron, United States Touring Car Championship, and
American Stock Car Challenge have provided both racers and fans alike
with exciting competition action. With over 15 Chapters and 10,000
members, the opportunity to get in on the great NASA racing action is
only a phone call or website visit away. For more information on
NASA, please log on to or call 510-232-NASA.

The Precision Racing Organization was formed in 2002 to take
autocrossing to a new technical and professional standard. We are
dedicated only to autocrossing and providing you the most exciting,
dynamic, and professionally managed weekend you could ever imagine.
We invite you to attend an event and experience the heart-pounding,
adrenaline-packed excitement only experienced from behind the wheel
of a car at (or beyond) its limits. For more information on the
Precision Racing Organization, please log on the or call 601-482-0663

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