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widebody rims?????

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sup peeps, I am going to need your help. Right now my car is in the process of getting a custom wide body kit made to it and I am having a hard time finding any company that sells rims that I will need to make up for having wide fenders. I know now that I can use 19x8 in the front and 19x10 in the back. Does anyone out there know a website or a shop that has rims like this. Thanks in the future for the info.
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whats up bro, where ya from, you may way to check R0_JA or HRE both make wide rims but your gonna pay out the A$$ for them. keep us informed on whats going on with the car, also is it just flares or full wide body?
I am from psl ( somewhere in between vero beach and west palm) .... The kit is a full body kit. It is actually the blackwidow 2 kit with everything but the wing. I am just using that kit as a foundation to the custom kit. that way there is not much to make from scratch. also do those companies have a website so I can see the type of rims they have?
HRE's own!!
andrew racing... volk advan all make wide wheels.. but make sure you have enough $$$
The Game said:
HRE's own!!

:werd: i got a big time hookup on HREs.. pm me if anyone is interested.. im talkin big time here..
Try intro-forged. They are popular with the VW guys. They will create forged rims to any size, bolt pattern, offset and specification you like. They do it alot cheaper than custom HRE's.
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