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Window control LED swap

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It seems like this one has been overlooked, so this is what I put together:

1. Pull the plastic panel that surrounds the cluster straight up and remove the screws holding the console in. Remove the connector from the back by pushing in the clip.

2. Disassemble the cluster by removing the screws from the back and removing the PCB assembly.

3. Replace the LED with one in the color of your choice. This is a 1206 surface mount LED; aka Dooly can likely help you out if you don't know where to find such LEDs (and that's what I used here). If you want crazy bright, there's likely a series resistor you can hunt down and replace with one of a lower value, but it's not necessary IMO. Remove flux (brown residue) before reassembly.

4. It
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Nice guide. Didn't think of doing that.

PM Larry so he'll move it to the Install section.
I've tried to remove that led but I was told it is glued on by some members here. Any thoughts? Should I just soldier an led on top of the stock one? Any help would be appreciated.
I've tried to remove that led but I was told it is glued on by some members here. Any thoughts? Should I just soldier an led on top of the stock one? Any help would be appreciated.
It did seem a bit tougher to remove than some other LEDs, it probably is glued, but I just thought it was that I wasn't reflowing the other end fast enough. Here's what I did to remove it: I alternated heat on both ends with a 40watt radioshck soldering iron having a 15 watt tip (tips are just metal, yeah I know this is ghetto, but it heats a lot faster than a 40 watt tip and helps reduce the overall soldering time for most components) and gently pried at it with a jewelers type screw driver and it came off without tearing up any traces. I suspect the adhesive is weakened by heat, so take your time and alternately reflow the solder on each end while pushing/prying. Care should be taken not to lift a trace, or do other damage.

I would NOT recomend putting another LED on top. I doubt you'd harm anything, but it would be too dim I suspect.
ok cool thx i'll see if i can do that. I have an adjustable heating soldier gun, ill set it to full blast and pry her off. I have a smc led in blue i dont think the one you are using so ill dry test with some wires.
there was an install for this a long time ago but i think it was on EC. i just had extra leds from guage swap to changed it out. wasnt glued in or anything.
Good job. blue and hyperwhite l.e.d's seem like they glow the best and brightest.
what about the direction of LED? i have some left overs from Guage LED swap too :)
Nvm, there is an arrow indicates the positive side.
Just did it 5 min ago~ :thumbup:
how do you know what size of lights you can put in the certain spots could someone make me a list of the size of led's i can put in most of the lights, like the the inside the cabin, the one in the trunk the window ones and cigarette ones and any ones i missed. also after taking it all apart is it as easy as just spaping the led light with the stock light? Thank you
FYI: i would like to add something to this when you take all the screws off do not turn the gray part where the switches are right side up because there are these white sort of filler plastics that sit in on the underside of this and if you have white floor and they spill all over the place they will be hard to find there is like 8 or 10 of them and they are very small and hard to locate if they fall all over the floor, luckily i found all of mine. i learned this the hard way because i painted this part over the weekend.
oh Additional info
Screw on everything tight, otherwise, youre Auto window thingy won't work. :)
is it possible to use larger 3mm or 5mm LEDs?
That is neat. I will see about doing that next.
i'd like to know how to change the color of the clock, AC control, cigarette lighter.
nevermind, found em all on the site. except for the clock. anyone have any idea?
hey how did you change the color of the AC control and the cigarette lighter?
I just did this, it was annoying, the LED wouldn't come off, and so I kinda used a bit of force and the little thread attached to it came off, but so did the LED :), the thread is still connected, just that the soldering point isnt on the circuit board but is still connected. I installed it and it still works, can this do any harm?
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