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Winter tire on my new Celica !

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What do you guys suggest on a 1 inch drop GTS?

205 50 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.07 in
195 55 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.44 in
205 55 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.87 in
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the stock size of 205/50/16 why would you use anything else?
Yeah stock size, just got some Toyo Observes, I like em so far, smooth and quiet, just waiting on the nasty stuff!
This winter, my celica will be my only car and I live in Quebec. (juste bouth a house, so -$) I sold my winter car (honde civic 00) instead of my celica ;)

Sometime we can get 1 foot of snow in 2 hours. I don,t want to be stuck at the job.
But do you think going with the 205 55 16 I will see a difference becose they are bigger ?

And I also heard that if the tire is less wide (195 tire) it will be easier in the snow, so that's why i'm tiking about the 195 55 16

And for the 205 50 16, they are most expensive, becose it's a low profile tire and the it's the smaller size between the 3.

So i'm still hopping for new comment. I will buy my tire this weekend
i dont really know too much about winter tires but i know that as long as you have a lot of nice deep tread then thats the best. i would go with blizzaks because their mainly top rated for snow and icey conditions.
Is it lowered at all? Going up a profile size could give you problems when it comes to turning, or if you hit a big enough bump, you could rub your fenders. Do you have after market rims? Using stock gts rims I'm guessing? If you're getting another set of rims, go with 15's, that way you can get 195 or 205/60 15's, a lot cheaper. Got toyos for 100us each, installed. And the tread on them is crazy!
SO ? I realy want to ride on 16 for the winter, I like my stock mag

205 50 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.07 in
195 55 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.44 in
205 55 16 --> Overall Diameter: 24.87 in
ive got blizzaks on my celi. didnt have a drop last winter, but i really liked em. slid a lil, but mostly in icy parking lots. they were 205/50/16s

hope this helps a little bit
I will go with the 205 50 16
with a nice Kumho KW17

Thanks guys
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