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Last week in the middle of the night I was driving with a couple friends to get some food and on the way back to the crib I was pulling out at a stop light and didn't stop right as a cop was driving the other way so I looked in my rear view to see if he was turning around because the way I was going was out of his line of sight after his u turn so after I turn I floor it and go wayyy down the road and could barely see him in my rear view without any lights on so at the top of this hill I could see that again he'd lose his line of sight on the other side so I turn into this church and turn all my lights off and use the e brake to slow down. I ghost ride around the building and right as I'm about leave after I think it's clear he's slowly driving right past the church, slams it in reverse and comes right behind me, after the light turns and I start to turn left..... BAM. Pulls me over and I pull over casually. He says to me "how fast were you going? Because I had to go 95 to catch up to you..." I said "the speed limit, speeding is dangerous"
Cop "wasn't that you pulling out by the Taco Bell?"
Me "no I pulled out by the rec center" (about halfway down the road I sped on)
Cop "well you're lucky I didn't have my radar gun on you. But it's your lucky night because I'm just going to give you a warning about having tinted tail lights since I could barely see them" (dafuq?? I don't even have tint on them! He could barely see them because they were OFF LOL!) i feel like I might have made that guys night, he wants to race again definitely....

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