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Works Bell/Night Pager paddle shifter install pics

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I've finally got all the pics uploaded and so here they are... installation of the Works Bell/Night Pager paddle shifter unit along with the Works Bell short boss.

The sexy unit itself; made by Works Bell as a kit, but released by Night Pager as separate units or different combinations. The thickness of it is 2".

The only hubs that will work are ones made by Works Bell. So Splash or any other that are meant to work with the Works Bell quick release unit would work. In order to keep the distance short with the overall thickness of the whole assembly, the Works Bell short boss is the perfect choice. This thing is sweet, it comes with a bunch of extra stuffs like an airbag light cancellation kit (didn't use it, 'cause my passenger airbag is out so i'd get the airbag light anyways), replacement harness so you don't have to cut up the stock one, extra center nut, and even a torx wrench for taking off the stock steering wheel cover/air bag. Overall the short hub is 2" thick.

here's the part number for those who want to order one

so here we go with the installation..


here's the airbag after removing 2 torx screws on the sides of the steering wheel:

there's the stock harness wound up in there in the steering wheel

stripping off the tape and such to figure out which wire is for what

the paddle shifter unit has 3 wires, really easy to figure out.. basically one common ground and then one wire for each paddle

and install the unit onto the hub with the provided screws by Works Bell and putting the new Momo Corse steering wheel on with the provided screws too.. (oh and hook up the horn button) and woa la!

so there you go... the steering wheel sits ~1" closer to the driver, nothing uncomfortable or that it's too close to the driver. It's definitely a lot more baller than the stock steering wheel/buttons. Only down side is that you only have one side for up and one side for down.. i did get confused first time out on track for autox, ended up putting a piece of green tape on one paddle so could tell easier when shifting was needed when the steering wheel was cranked. But i'm totally used to it now.. gonna have new paddles made up in cf and probably color code them or just one of them so make it easier :)

i'll post up a video when i have time
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thanks everyone :)

01 Spectra GT-S said:
I had a chance to see this in action, and yes indeed that is very cool....Altho alex, make sure you fix the horn wire unless you to honk everytime shift :p
haha.. that was the old borrowed wheel, now i got the new one i can actually hook up the horn to the button :D

goose42 said:
Very cool. Too bad it's still an automatic tranny...
:p haha.. i was waiting for tha

well it's not too bad at all.. it's a lot of fun. The sportshift system in the celica is quite well, even after being out there for like 5 years and yet i still don't know of any other car that has a higher rev limiter (even auto nsx's do not rev that high).. and it's as controllable as they can be without upshifting/downshifting automatically for you like with other sportshifts.

plus, it's fast enough for autocross.. even in the highly competitive SM class; this year was the first year i was in SM, i didn't think i would do too well but at the end, i was first after a 4-race championship series in SM, and 3rd overall (in raw time) only behind two turbo datsuns one in SM2 one in EM.

i would love to have a 2nd GTS in 6 speed.. but it's not likely it'll happen.. i figure this rebuilt/upgraded tranny would probably last one more season; so it'll probably get a swap after im done with it next year
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haha thanks mike

silverCELICAgt-s said:
im taking it that this would not pass inspections....
well basically once you disconnect your airbag or do anything as to modifying your stock airbag system it won't pass inspection already

devilincelica said:
Got enough gadgets on your dash
haha, i guess the different colour lights do stick them out a bit.. but i try to keep them to minimal and install them cleanly in my car. I could have 4 round gauges sticking up from the dash but i went with the blitz digi gauge that has 4 parameters in one (boost, temp 1, temp 2, and pressure).. could have put that one next to the EDFC to make it even cleaner but i think the camcon will be going into that spot after i make more room for it on the stereo bracket.

LightningRod said:
That looks sweet. I like. :thumbup:

You should engrave a "-" and "+" on to the paddles, a la REAL SMG cars. Now that would be sweeter.
haha.. speaking of the SMG, i don't like it that much.. would prefer a MT or an AT with sport shift instead (no dummy sport shift like Lexus where it upshifts for you or won't let you downshifts to too low of a gear). The SMG has too much guess work in it.. makes it hard to be a driver's car when he/she doesn't quite know what the car is going to do.

as for engraving, i think that's what i'll probably end up doing with the new paddles... i may do a + and - and fill one with red paint and another with green or something like that...
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silverCELICAgt-s said:
just curious, is that car ur everyday driver?
daily driver.. weekly track car... annually show car :)

hombredelassrta said:
that is very slick and unique. it woudl look better in c/f btu with that wheel it flows well. deffinitly awsome
thanks, part of the reason why im getting new paddles made in cf is because i'll probably change the shape slightly; cf is easy to work with as for trimming into shape and such, i want to lenghten the height of the paddles slightly for better reach.
thanks dooly... i'll give it some thoughts ;)

SLVR Stealth said:
Sweet! btw what is that blue pipe on the left side? Looks great!
cusco roll cage :)

dark_nik said:
i think it's a great idea
but like some others, i wouldn't want to sacrifice my airbag, especially not that one
well i've always wanted to get an aftermarket wheel.. so you'd lose the airbag anyways... unless you get the ones that comes with an airbag
oh here's a short vid i took today, i emphasize on the "short" part in that sentance. Totally popped in mind on my way home from work that i need to get a video.. so took it basically right before i got home.

excuse the quality of photobucket upload.. (and maybe excuse the music also :p).. but you get the idea :D
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02celica said:
looks good
can you do that for the manual?
well.. unless you have like the MR2 spyder's SMT system swapped into your car..

zuoom said:
was looking at this for a while. wonder how much did you pay for this?
umm retail for the shifter unit is about ~$500, the hub is ~$120

my sponsor shop is actaully in the middle of getting that exact setup for someone else, so i can find out how much it'd cost
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