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Selling a great World of Warcraft Account. :gap:

Has all Lvl 85 Classes except for warlock.
45000 gold combined across all characters.
Most characters are on Illidan Horde Pvp server

This account still has 8 months of playtime on it. It also has access to free Diablo III for digital download once it it released. It also has Diable III beta key.

Please contact me for more information. I am aware of all the PayPal scam tricks...that is why I am not doing paypal at all...I dont care if you have 6 million positive feekback plus 1, I am only going to do Check or Money order Made out to my name and mailed to my address...It amazes me how easy it is for people to get away with Paypal.

I will gladly talk to you on the phone, text, heck i'll even facetime or skype you...i dont care. I honestly want this to be legit and tell people that there are still honest buyers left.

I will also meet you in the game if you want. Cheers.

Scammers almost always respond to this ad by emailing...which is the first sign...if you really want to would read on and know how to contact me:

sorry if I come off a little mean, but I do not want your money nor my account to be messed with and scammed. Thank you :))))))

Oh and I also have a facebook and twitter if that helps... /shrug

text or call me at (646) 709 - 440eight ...if i dont answer leave a message. i have a tendency not to pick up when an unknown number calls...i will surely get back to you asap.
images available upon request

Disclaimer : You are bidding on my time invested in this account. This account remains the property of Blizzard Entertainment. All characters, items, in-game currency, and anything else associated with this auction will remain the property of Blizzard. World of Warcraft is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment. All characters, items, gold pieces, or other intellectual property in World of Warcraft are the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment.

All items are Property Of Blizzard, you are paying for the time invested in this account (over 6 years). By offering payment or replying you agree you are not affiliated with Blizzard.Net or any of its sub partners or companies.

Please Deliver
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I'm not aware of the Paypal scams or tricks your talking about. But having worked at a bank for many years, I can tell you personally a money order is not the way to go, and personal checks have to be the most retarded way to accept payment (no offense). Both (as well as cashier's checks) can be easily created with false information. Better yet, people will put REAL information on the check, just not theirs. Then it gets discoverd, and charged back to your account likely along with a charge from your bank. I would say cash or wire transfer are your safest bets.

Either way, good luck, and be careful.
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