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WTB: 00-05 Celica GTS or MR2 SE PA area

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Just as the title says, looking for a last gen Celica, preferably a GT-S, preferably in Spectra Blue Mica. Open to an MR2 as well.
I haven't got a fortune to spend, but I can cover a reasonable price for a good car in good condition.
ALSO, I'm interested in projects. If you've run out of money or skill to finish up your project I'm interested in saving them from the scrap heap or rotting in a driveway.
I've been a member here for... 8 years about, but I've forgotten my old screen name because I quit for awhile when I didn't have one. I am willing to travel or ship a reasonable distance (sorry Californians). I would likely need it to be taken to a mechanic in your area for a PPI if I can't come out to you myself.
May also be interested in engines/transmissions etc. in the future as well, so don't be afraid to hit me up on those as well.
DM me, post here, or the best way to get me is my primary email address, IronBlacksmith83 @ gmail .com
Thanks for your time all!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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