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How's it goin yall.. As the title states, Im lookin to buy a set of 4 of these in san diego. Im looking to get them in fairly good condition just as long as it doesn't have any major gashes or curb rash.

I'm willing to pay up to $160 for a set of 4 rims without tires, because i don't think they would fit anyways. They're going to be a present for my brother who drives a 5th gen celica. And, trust me, he deserves it--he spent so much time wetsanding, getting all the dings out of that car, and driving around with the whole car primered. Recently, he just got an all black paint job, and i wanna get him a set of 7th gen gts rims to compliment the new paint. So, if anyone's selling a set, let me know.
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