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Hey all, im looking for 2 Sprint video phones, one for me, and one for my fiance. I want to upgrade from my Lavender 8100 (no im not gay, long story how i ended up with a purple phone) and she has a VGA1000 (in case we can work out trade + cash or something). If your selling one (or two), please pm me, or email me at [email protected] with details. I want to know how old is it, condition (scratches etc), and how much your looking to get for it. Im looking for the best possible price i can get (obviously). Ide rather have a Toshiba VM4050 or Sanyo VM4500 over a Samsung A680, but if the price is right i'll still buy it.

Again, my contact info is, post up, pm me, or email me at [email protected]. I WILL ASK FOR THE ESN BEFORE I BUY but i won't hassle you for the ESN until we finalize a deal.

In case anyone needs any of these things as a trade (long shot, but you never know), i can offer:

1. Infinity Kappa 6 3/4'' Speakers (652.5i, high end stuff) (2)
2. Racing Fog Lights (pics available, multicolor)
3. VGA1000
4. Lavender 8100

I MIGHT be interested in Camara phone(s) for my mom and sister if they're cheap. 8100's, 8200's, VGA1000's, A600, or anything newer, Or i might pass on my 8100 and my fiance's VGA1000 to them, just depends on the deals i recieve. If i can get some super cheap camera phones, i'll buy those for them and keep my phone(s) as backup's.

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