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as it said, i need a TRD wing, spec blue or cheap so i can get painted, apexi n1 exhaust, and a power windows switch, going to try and make both sides auto down

also, i would love to trade some things i have for any of this, and maybe either get some cash, or spend some depending on how equal the trade it
i have. . .
00 stock front bumper, spec blue
00 stock front bumper, primered ready for paint
00 stock rear bumper, spec blue
stock gt-s intake
stock gt-s header
stock antenna
stock side markers i think
stock gt-s rims, 2 brand new, poor tire tread though

i may have more stuff but i forget, but i have all of those for sure

if anyone is willing to do any of those trades, or will consider, i will send pics and we can work something out
try to reply post AND pm me, i dont check wtb threads very often
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