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Whom ever said camry's are really gay slow ass cars was prob right, with the exception of my camry si. This is my sick sleeper that owns up on all. Top kills are a porsche carrera, wrx, modified integra gsr, and the list goes on forever... Here are some pics, tell me what you guys think of this sleeper.

The system 4x JL Audio 12's

The engine (yes i know i ****ed up on the yellow paint)

I had some pics of the actual outside of the car but my host took them off. Its black and on the back right it says V6 SI

My mods are as follows: (custom meaning i made it myself cause there is nothing i can just buy and bolt on for my car)
Power Logic Amp
Custom fiberglass amp case with cooling fan
custom sub box
4x JL audio 12's
Custom Intake
Adjustable Engien Temp Sensor
Air intake sensor mod
custom exhaust
msd ignition
Blue Street glow
(had a boost gague when i was running ram air just so i could see how much air i was putting into the engine, i still have the gauge mounted inside)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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