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A 200hp camry and a Porche.... Hmm, wanna have a go at a *modded Tahoe? It might take you. :D Kill list includes: an Eclipse, few Civics, Ford F250 superduty, Chevy Silverado Dually w/ 40 ft trailer, Ford Focus, Toyota Echo, Toyota Avalon (uphill race), Geo Metro, 2 Corollas, and I think an older Camry. I might add you to the list. ;) I live 5 min from Poway if you're interested. j/k But seriously, if it ain't turbo, how fast is a camry gonna be?

The dubbed out P-chop version

And, just for fun...Here's some real speed for you... :D

*Mods include:
Flowmaster Cat-back exhaust, K&N Filtercharger intake, Polished MB Motoring 160's in 16x8, 285/75 16 BFG AT TA's, APC Whiteface guages, Precision polished billet aluminum grill, Blue Neon interior lighting, Blue reverse lights, PIAA "Xenon" headlights, PIAA Carbon Fiber wiper blades. Coming soon: 17in rims/tires, maybe new taillights, hopefully sound system.

Any ideas for rims? Do you guys like this:
Rozzi "Deep" 17x 8

Keep an eye out for me. I'm in Poway all the time.

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