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Whats up guys,

Havnt been on the forums for years. (Probably around 4 or 5). Took me a while to remember my password and user name on here haha. Anyways, I was cleaning out the garage and found my old passenger side window with regulator/motor. I believe thats the last of the celica stuff I have. Came off my 2000 celica gts.

Anyways, I just need it gone or else I'll throw it all away. Which Id hate to do, Im sure someone could use the window if anything.

80 OBO for all of it. Since Im not sure if the regulator and motor work still. (it should because it did back when I took it out) But its been a few years just sitting) Dont be afraid to throw offers out. If I need to get pictures let me know. items are in great condition.
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