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WTT: 2 LAp tops for turbo kit

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i got 2 good laptops i jus bought there the latest ones out made by sony.. if intersted let me know!
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RUSH said:
well there was one member here that put together a kit, but lost intrest in it and was open to offers? so I think.
but yeah the chances are one in a million for that swap. your better off selling those and then saving up to buy brand new. remember the longer you hold on to those laptops the less they'll be worth.
haha computers are like cars...once you drive a car off the lot the value goes down, once you boot up the computer, another computer from the same company comes out that's faster and cheaper...isn't technology wonderful?

btw...if it's the "latest ones out from sony" are they the dual core processors and non-recalled batteries? it would help if you posted specs on the laptops. (and preferably a receipt)
haha yeah but how much are the blu-ray discs? to me it's not worth it yet. dvd's are just as good right now. i haven't even used dual layer discs yet because of the price.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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