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Xbox One Bundle

I am at work and do not have pictures at this time.

I am selling my Day One edition xbox one. I'm just going to give you all the information about this and why I'm selling it.
I pre-ordered it online from Microsoft, it is the day one edition (It says "DAY ONE 2013" on the controller and a chrome d-pad, not asking for more money because of it). I have Forza 5, Titanfall, and Battlefield 4 on disk, and Killer instinct, Assasins creed: black flag, Thief, and Cod Ghost on digital copy (still available to play on any account, they are saved on the system). Comes with 2 controllers. All original packaging. I had to replace the kinect for it shorted out (they said its a common problem), so i got it replaced for free.
This is a $910 value and im selling for $850.00. I'm selling because I want to build a computer and selling this will allow me to waste no money, not to mention with a computer I wouldn't play the xone much at all. Nothing is wrong and there is not a scratch on any games.
Note: When i say the kinect shorted out, it just means that something failed inside of the sensor and the xbox wouldn't read it anymore.

List Date: 3/31/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Xbox One Bundle
On Sale For: $850 + $0 Shipping


Mobile friendly version: Xbox One Bundle
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