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xs turbo

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when is the XS TURBO coming out for the celica gts??? price?? horsepower gain???
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search for it... or ask Keyshawn.. he has it w/ dyno
it might be out in 7 years:sadpace:. hahaha na im playing. it should be out for sale soon. but not as soon as we all want.:wtc:
i called XS 2 weeks ago and then the guy said 6-8 weeks... i'm getting it for $3800!! :-D
how you getting it so cheap?
I bet when it's all said and done you pay more than 3800!
actually, i have a guy that can get me his wholesale price but i do have to stick his cheezy logos on my windshield, which kinda sucks because i'm the only celica running around town with the trd kit... scratch that, there's this little 16 year old girl that thinks she can beat me in her '03 gt auto... (lame, though yellow does add 35 hp) but i know i will probably be the only turbo'd celica in idaho!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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