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Installation: I finally got a chance to install killerm's torque brace yesterday. The install was pretty frustrating due the really really small spaces you have to work. Give yourself plenty of time to do this mod. I had to get one of my friends to hold the bolt in place from the wheel well while i tightened the nut from inside the engine bay, so you may need a second person to help you out when installing this.

Driving Impressions: After installing the brace and letting the engine warm-up, i took her out for a test drive...shifting was ALOT smoother and the throttle felt more responsive. There was no hesitation when i hit the gas, the car reacted immediately. The car felt alot more solid and smooth while driving. I found there to be more vibration at idle, which was expected, but that isnt really a big deal to me since I am more performance focused than comfort focused. The slightly rougher idle didnt really matter to me once i felt how much better my car felt while driving and shifting. Havent had any problems up this point, but like i said, i only installed it yesterday.

Would I recommend this mod to others?: Definetly, best $56 I've spent on my car yet.
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